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Perspective changes everything

FrontLine created the entire content for the Novartis Pharma “Diversity & Inclusion Report 2012” as well as filmed and edited videos to complement the text.


Actelion Publication Actelion Research Facility

Actelion, one of the fastest growing biotech companies in Europe, inaugurated a state-of-the-art research facility in September 2006 near Basel. FrontLine developed the content for a
new research brochure to mark the occasion based on interviews with company executives.

For further information, go to www.actelion.com



Advancing Animal Healthcare

This image brochure for Novartis Animal Health, the first since the merger of Ciba and Sandoz, was distributed worldwide
to employees and external audiences. It includes the company's vision, product overviews, customer profiles and vignettes from employees. Graphics by cdesign in Reinach, Switzerland. Text and conceptual input from FrontLine.


Bertarelli Foundation

This international foundation, which promotes greater understanding of infertility and its treatment, wanted something original for its launch in Sydney, Australia. FrontLine and Atelier Pfund in Geneva combined strong messages with emotional images that captured the human face of infertility.


After Serono purchased this research institute from Glaxo-Wellcome, a new image brochure was needed. The challenge was to help create an identity for the organization and still show a link with the new.corporate identity. In cooperation with SPRI, FrontLine managed all aspects of the project, from design and photography to the finished text.
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